Red Bird
File:Red Bird.png
Owner: Rovio Mobile
Credits: very minor character, death spot
Gender: Male
Portrayer: Himself

Death: exploded after hitting structure
Family: Big brother bird, Other Birds
Friends: other birds
Enemies: The Pigs
First Appearance: Video Game:Angry Birds (2009)
In Annoying Orange:

Annoying Orange vs. Angry Birds

The Red Bird is a basic type of bird in the Angry Birds series. It is featured on the Angry Birds icon in all 4 games (Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons, Angry Birds Rio, and Angry Birds Space). In Annoying Orange, he was fired at the pigs building (with little effect). He was a failed murder weapon because he tried to kill the pigs to no avail. Since there were no other birds left Orange and friends had to do the job for him.

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