Pear is a character from the Annoying Orange series. He is the deuteragonist (season 1)/secondary protagonist of the series and has is one of the only characters to appear in every season. He is portrayed by Dane Boedigheimer.


Pear is, aside from Orange and Dane Boedigheimer, the longest surviving character in the series. Pear first appeared as a very minor character in Season 1 at the end of the first episode. Early on into Season 2, Pear began to appear more frequently, and got a full episode appearance in Muddy Buddy.


Pear is often the voice of reason in the kitchen. He usually stays calm in difficult situations, has an easygoing nature, and rarely insults anybody. Pear is good at socalizing, which has helped him make friends in the kitchen.



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Orange is Pear's best friend despite him annoying him repeatedly. Whenever they're together Pear knows something interesting will happen. Pear is now less affected by Orange's annoying habits and it is presumed that Orange has helped Pear over the years as well. It is revealed in "Wishful Thinking" that without Orange, Pear would not know how to socialize or have any friends.

Passion FruitEdit

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Passion was Pear's friend since Passion of the Fruit.


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Mandy was seen kissing Pear in the finale of Season 2. Pear might be in a relationship with Mandy, but it has not been confirmed as Mandy has only appeared once.

Pear kissing Mandy in the finale of Season 2.


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Pear is good friends with Marshmallow, after they met in Orange's birthday party. They were seen as partners as fooling the gang in "April Fruits Day", although Pear was slighty irritated that Marshmallow blew their cover.

Midget AppleEdit

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Midget Apple is good friends with Pear. Out of everyone in the series, Pear makes the most progress in calling him Little Apple, which he enjoys.



"Somebody please, kill me now." "Leave me out of this." "Dude, look at her! She's totally a fox!" "Hey, Turnip!" "Yeah, it's just that I'm glad you could, uh, turn up. (laughs)" "Good, 'cause you're just a fat radish. (laughs)" "Nothing, it's just a joke. That... you know, turn up." "Oh for crying out loud, it's a wee pony!" "Yeah, they're important, Charlie!" "Whoa, all I gotta say is... thanks Mistletoe!" (reading Valentine's card) "Sometimes you're like an apple, sometimes you're like a pear, either way it goes, you still don't have any hair." "Great! Now, who's gonna give us a ride?" "I'm gonna have to plead the fifth on this one." "Yes, yes! He's annoying!" "What? Don't act like it's not true!" "Oh, not again!" "Dude, that was totally ninja!" "Wazzup!" "Oh, I'm sorry, we were just trying to save your life!" "Oh God."